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My name is Olga Gallis.
anjaliasanaanjaliasanaFor over 20 years I have been exploring the sensations of yoga. I am a certified yoga teacher.

(Power Yoga World Center).

Language: English/ German/ Russian

I moved to Germany from Malta where I have taught yoga in yoga studios, gyms, and hotels.

POWER YOGA WORLD Teacher Training Certificate 350 hours
Yoga Conference in Cologne in 2014
Work shop "Budokon style" with Cameron Shayne 2014
Work shop "Thai massage and yoga Arial" with Krishna Takis and Jason Nemer 2014
Master Class with the Master of Power Yoga Brayan Kest 2014
Workshop "Retreat experience" with Nikki Costello 2014

Yoga Conference in Cologne in 2012.
Yoga Conference in Cologne in 2010
120 hours Teacher Training with Andrew Lappa "Universal Yoga" In 2005,
Master class with Shri Dev-The Maharadji, Rishikesh 2003

Call    +49 176 56554047 to make an appointment with a personal yoga trainer.


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